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03:22pm 14/01/2004
Walk through a barren landscape. What happened here? Crumbling remains of brickwork, concrete, metals rusting before their time. Red sky at night, the Underworld's delight.
I told you so.
Winking light overhead. A star? A satellite? Survivour mourning silently in the sky for it's children; too deafened by themselves to listen.
Untouched footprints of timeless creation - as if the moon and Earth exchanged lives. Follow the footprints. Where are we going? Back to see the past forever frozen in stone.
Pinpointed. There. That place. That moment. That decision.
Unidentified smoke, cloth bleached by exposure. An angry wound in the sky of a mother sun forcing time onwards.
Turn around and walk away. Walk on to find something - SOMETHING.
Where to begin?

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